not a sandwich 

chopped salad  11

mixed greens, homemade italian dressing , olives

 pickled red onion, celery, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, salami 

coleslaw 3

shredded cabbage, carrots, dijonnaise, crispy garlic, celery seed

potato salad 3

idaho potato, mayo, yellow mustard, fresh dill, red onions

& hard boiled eggs



chicken + biscuit 13

crispy chicken thigh, buttermilk biscuit, spicy honey butter, pickled red onions & fried egg

Joeys breakfast sandwich 10

baked egg, breakfast sausage, arugula, provolone and cheddar cheese & dijonnaise  on our house made brioche

focaccia breakfast sandwich 6

fried egg & dijonnaise 

+ ham 2

+ house made bacon 3

+house made breakfast sausage 3

breakfast burrito 12

scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, fresh tomatoes, grilled red onions mixed greens & potatoes 

served from 8am - 4pm or until sold out 


sandwiches served with kettle chips

grilled cheese 11

cheddar cheese, provolone cheese, smoked tomato jam & arugula

caprese 12

fresh mozzarella cheese, balsamic glaze, fresh tomatoes, basil aioli & arugula 

+house made bacon 3

+chicken 3


cubano 14

braised pork, country style ham, swiss cheese, mustard & housemade pickles

fried chicken 13

crispy chicken thighs, house made coleslaw & our pickles


pick your sauce:


buttermilk ranch


calabrian hot sauce

alabama white sauce

chicken salad sandwich 13

braised chicken thighs, celery, grapes, mayo, mustard & grapes 

ham + cheese 13

country style ham, swiss cheese, whole grain mustard, house made pickles, tomatoes & mixed greens 

giuseppe 14

mortadella, hot coppa, volpi salami, basil aioli, fresh tomato, mauro provisions hot giardiniera, provolone cheese, shredded lettuce served on our house made focaccia bread


kids grilled cheese 4

cheddar cheese